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Frequently Asked Questions

Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Masai mara National Park is known to be the best Africa National park, the landscaped and savannah full of wildlife at all times,  is also known for the great wildebeest migration.

Kenya is safe to travel alone. If you are on holiday we will give you a guided tour with an experienced and trained driver guide. The reservation staff will also advice on which itinerary is good for you.  You can also join our group tour.

From Nairobi the capital city of Kenya by air is 1 hour, by road is 5 hours.

The great migration safari is in masai mara Kenya

Yes it is possible to do balloon ride in masai mara

The wildebeest migration safari is in masai mara Kenya

Yes all our safari tours are guided

To avoid last minute disappointments it is advisable to book  far in advance

Depending on the number of people and time schedule, our prices and friendly and affordable.

East Africa is all season safari country.  Any time is safari time so depend on your time schedule and season

Our safari experts will work with you and advice which safari group fit your time schedule

Send us an email in the contact form and we will come back to you within 24 hours

After you receive confirmation reference number from us, we require 35% deposit, the balance of the cost will pay on arrival.

Each and every country in Africa has the rules and conditions that guides every traveler.  Please contact our reservation desk for advice in advance before travel.

Although visas can also be obtained at the airports, it is advisable to apply for the visas in advance at the a High commission near to you.

Unless stated otherwise, quoted prices in Africa safaris does not include international flights

Most  safaris have a minimum of two people and recommend a maximum of 7 persons per safari vehicle, and 6 persons for 4×4.If you are in a big group safari vehicles are available at your service.

Yes of course. All are welcome to Africa safari please inquire for availability.

Make sure you mention in advance to inform the lodges and tented camps for your special diet.

All of the destinations that we offer are considered to be safe and secure, and are all well-established destinations and locations.

For more questions and answers do not hesitate to contact our experts

Accommodation:  Most accommodation on safari are in the lodges, luxury tent or budget camp. The room is self contained with toilet and bathroom attached to your room. The bed is king size though twin bed available on request. 


Hotel In town, Most town hotels are cheaper than lodges, though depend on the class of the hotel. The hotels ranges from 2 start to 6 star in many towns in Africa.

Budget Campsites: The campsite has every basic needs including bathroom and toilets.  Tap water is also available. 


The traveler must respect the nature, no matter what the animals in the national park should be respected. Be reminded that you have visited the national park and one way or another you are interfering with the animal environment. Animals in the Parks are protected to preserve the ecosystems they contain. The fact that you are allowed to visit the animals all the respect for animals and the environment must be maintained.

Keep  Off-road driving is harmful for the environment because of smokes, oils and destruction of the grass which is dangerous for the animals. Unless authorized by the park warden always do not drive off road in the park.

Do not feed the animals. Respect their natural diet. Though you feed pets at home these are not pets and are used to their natural food.  Feeding animals also can trigger the aggressiveness behavior. You may note that as in European countries climb on top of the cars, but in Africa they stay away.

Do not throw any litter this may be dangerous to the animals and the environment. Never try to light a fire in the national park.

Do not disturb other travelers while in the park. They have the same right as you to enjoy nature and environment. This applies to everyone to respect each other even when you spotted an animal fist give way for othe photographers when you had enough.

Do not the speed limit in many parks is 40 kms per hour, speeding may ruin the road and increase dust and noise and possibilities of killing animals.

For your own safety, stay in your vehicle at all times while inside the parks

Wild animals are dangerous. Despite their beauty wild animals can attack human beings and should not undermined at any time.  Many cats including lions and leopard can pretend to be asleep or harmless but it can takes a second to attack and kill.

It is mandatory to enter and exit the parks through the authorized  entry point. It will be illegal to enter or leave the park through any other place.

Park timings Unless authorized be reminded that park is around only from 6am to 6pm..

Do not purchase whatsoever

Do not take, seize or purchase any organ or parts  the animals alive or dead is an offence and you will find yourself in jail. If approached by someone anywhere in trying to sell animal products, and especially eggs do not be tempted. You could fall into a big trouble.

It is not allowed Do not bring pets inside the park.

In marine parks, stick to the same rules. Do not take or buy anything.

Remember Keep the beaches clean, do not litter for this can kill jellyfish.

Do not try to feed the fish they feed naturally in the sea.

Small children, keep in mind that some lodges in Kenya likfe Treetops and The Ark, no children under 7 are allowed.  At Mount Kenya Safari Club, children use a different dining room.

If you travel in a group, think about other traveler high respect of others is expected.

For family safaris Travelling with small children con be tiresome, if you need a nanny on your safari, it can be arranged either the child can be left behind or travel with the nanny

For more details and information please contact safari of Africa Adventures