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The luxury safari of Africa is all about luxury, from the open roof safari land-cruiser to a luxury tented camp in the national park with the luxury designs and relaxation.

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Standard safaris of Africa is the affordable luxury safari lodges with elegant designs. These safaris are home from away from home relaxation safaris

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The camping safaris of Africa are for every one whole loves nature.  The tents are pinned inside the national park and with all the basics including toilet and bathroom.

Africa Balloon Ride

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An exclusive excursion safari over the masai mara, serengeti and Amboseli plains offering  views of the  landscape. A very popular safari for those willing to spend little bit extra and see the wildlife in a beautiful view. 


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The Virungas are best known as the home of the rare mountain gorilla , but also offer a rare glimpse into an ancient mountain volcano flora and fauna. Its unique as you can trek through this park in far northwest Rwanda bordering the Congo and Uganda.

Tracking mountain gorillas on foot through the equatorial forests of Uganda ranks as one of the world’s most thrilling wildlife experiences. You hike through the dense, vine-clad mountain forests of primeval Bwindi, a World Heritage Site and home of half of the world’s 700 remaining mountain gorillas. Once we find a clan of these creatures, the hike is quickly forgotten as we become absorbed in quiet observation of their interactions. Before gorilla tracking , our classic

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safari explores the Great Rift Valley dreamscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park, right on the edge of the towering Ruwenzori Mountains. In this UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, we hike and birdwatch in the Maramagambo Forest and safari it is likely we will be able to see leopard, lions and more.

Mountain Gorilla tracking exploration is a must do for every visitor to East Africa. At the centre of the African continent, Uganda is endowed with beautiful vegetation and scenery that spoils any visitor with choice.Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees being our great cousins, finding them interacting in their natural environment is amazing and awesome that will surely leave you with a life time memorable experience.

Whether your interest is mountain Gorillas trek, game viewing, forest primates trek, bird viewing, mountain climbing, white water rafting, bungee jumping, spot fishing, cultural tours, the country simply holds most of Africa’s Secrets.Consider this magical and gifted by nature country to make your dream a reality.

The gorilla park is well protected and there is no course of alarm on personal security. The rangers are very motivated, and they will do everything possible to make it a pleasant trip. It is still a wonderful place to see the mountain gorilla , and it normally offers excellent opportunities for photos. The gorilla tracking is less strenuous than in Bwindi park however the altitude may cause difficulties for some visitors and gorilla tend to climb higher during dry season. A good physical condition is also here recommended, as you may have to climb higher during dry season.

Kibale national park harbours the greatest concentration of primates found anywhere in East Africa.Other chimpanzee trek is done in Nyungwe national park in Rwanda known for its large families of Colombus monkeys, chimpanzees and over other 14 species of Primates.

Getting to see gorillas is not easy, nor are you guaranteed to see them. The trek to where the gorilla groups live takes you through very dense vegetation, up steep slopes and can last several hours. Gorillas move around so they aren’t all that easy to track. The gorillas you’ll be meeting are habituated to humans which is why you are able to get quite close to them.

rules of tracking gorillas include:

  • You have to be over 15 years of age
  • You can not be sick or have any infectious disease
  • Only one hour is allowed with the gorillas and you have to keep a distance of at least 5 metres
  • Maximum number of visitors per day is 6-12 people per group
  • No flash photography is allowed
  • Trekkers must be fit and well equipped, which includes warm clothing for the wet cool climate high in the mountains.
  • No eating or drinking in the vicinity of the gorillas
  • No touching the gorillas (although they may decide to touch you)


There can be few experiences in the world more memorable and magical than an encounter with mountain gorillas of East Africa. A limited number of permits are issued for each day.


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Popular Safaris

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Nairobi safaris

Nairobi is a city that never seems to sleep. This is not a modern city separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it. Just on its doorstep the Nairobi safari Park located less than six miles from the city centre is a visitor’s haven. The park is home to most popular species only the elephant is an absentee. 

Africa lion Safari

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Masai mara and serengeti wildebeest great migration is the most thrilling safari of Africa. It is regarded as the most visited safari in Africa.

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The wildebeest migration safari and the great rift valley.  The wildebeest move in thousands from masai mara to serengeti and back.  The great rift valley is a home to thousands flamingos and many other species of birds and wildlife.

6 Day masai mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli

A combination of the wildebeest migration , the great migration and mount Kilimanjaro is amazing African safari.