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luxury tent bed safari of africa

The luxury safari of Africa is all about luxury, from the open roof safari land-cruiser to a luxury tented camp in the national park with the luxury designs and relaxation.

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Standard safaris of Africa is the affordable luxury safari lodges with elegant designs. These safaris are home from away from home relaxation safaris

African budget safaris

african safari holidays
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The camping safaris of Africa are for every one whole loves nature.  The tents are pinned inside the national park and with all the basics including toilet and bathroom.

Africa Balloon Ride

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balloon safari

An exclusive excursion safari over the masai mara, serengeti and Amboseli plains offering  views of the  landscape. A very popular safari for those willing to spend little bit extra and see the wildlife in a beautiful view. 

Masai mara s considered a “must see” for any new visitor traveling on a lion safari. It is on the “to do” list for many residents and visitors alike because the park is graced by a wide variety of unique and exquisite birds and wildlife including lions. Unlike the other big cats, lions are social animals , living in prides of 20-30 members. Each pride may have one to three males. You are guaranteed to see lions on a masai mara safari Kenya safari tours.  Other wildlife of interest includes leopards, rhino, elephants and wildebeest. This is value holiday safari.

Female lions

Female lions are the hunters. They usually hunt together as a team. Putting into consideration that most animals are faster than a lion, the lions hide in the grass in different corners as the hunted 

male lions

The male lion and female lion differ in hair. The male lion is full of hairy that encircles their head. The male lion guard the territory about 100 square miles. The male lion mark the area with urine, and would roar several times to intimidate and scare any intruders. Also it scare any other male lion want to join the group. If any other male dare to join the group there would be a big fight and the winner will be left with the prides.

lion safari

 Nairobi – Mt.Kilimanjaro- Amboseli National Park- Great Rift Valley- Lake Nakuru National Park – Maasai Mara National Reserve- Nairobi

Day 1
Nairobi: We meet you on arrival at the airport and transfer you to your Nairobi hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 2
Nairobi to Amboseli national Park: Drive to Amboseli National Park where Mt. Kilimanjaro provides a stupendous backdrop to your afternoon game drive. Overnight at your Lodge in Amboseli.

Day 3
Amboseli national park: Morning and afternoon Game drives. Overnight at your Lodge in Amboseli

Day 4
Amboseli National park To Lake Nakuru Natianal Park: Alefran Tours & Safari takes you on a journey through the great Rift Valley to beautiful Lake Nakuru, before taking an afternoon game drive in the park. Dinner and overnight at your Lodge in Nakuru.

Day 5
Lake Nakuru National park to Maasai Mara National Reserve: Arrive at your luxury tented- camp in the Mara where the open rolling grasslands ensure that animals are rarely out of sight. Overnight at your camp in Maasai Mara.

Day 6
Maasai- Mara National Reserve: Here on your game drives you get endless opportunities for close encounters with game. Overnight at your Camp in Maasai Mara

Day 7
Maasai Mara National Reserve to Nairobi: Drive back to Nairobi arriving at around midday, lunch, relax before transferring to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport for you departure flight.


  • Snow Capped Mt Kilimanjaro Towering over Amboseli Plains
  • Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino, Bufallo amongst some of Africa’s most stunning landscapes.
  • Millions of Flamingos and diverse wildlife in Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Vast herds of Wildebeest and Zebra migrating across the Maasai Mara National; Reserve on to the Serengeti plains in Tanzania
  • Optional Tour in Hot Air Balloon in the Maasai Mara

Popular Safaris

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Nairobi safaris

Nairobi is a city that never seems to sleep. This is not a modern city separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it. Just on its doorstep the Nairobi safari Park located less than six miles from the city centre is a visitor’s haven. The park is home to most popular species only the elephant is an absentee. 

Africa lion Safari

serengeti safaris
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Masai mara and serengeti wildebeest great migration is the most thrilling safari of Africa. It is regarded as the most visited safari in Africa.

5 day masai mara, lake nakuru

The wildebeest migration safari and the great rift valley.  The wildebeest move in thousands from masai mara to serengeti and back.  The great rift valley is a home to thousands flamingos and many other species of birds and wildlife.

6 Day masai mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli

A combination of the wildebeest migration , the great migration and mount Kilimanjaro is amazing African safari.