1 day Nairobi national park

Luxury safari tents africa

budget camping safari
safari budget camp

The camping safaris of Africa are for every one whole loves nature.  The tents are pinned inside the national park and with all the basics including toilet and bathroom.

luxury tented camp
luxury tented camp

The luxury safari of Africa is all about luxury, from the open roof safari land-cruiser to a luxury tented camp in the national park with the luxury designs and relaxation.

affordable Safari Africa

safari lodges
safari lodges in kenya

Standard safaris of Africa is the affordable luxury safari lodges with elegant designs. These safaris are home from away from home relaxation safaris

African budget safaris

Africa Balloon Ride

hot air balloon ride
hot air balloon safari of africa

An exclusive excursion safari over the masai mara, serengeti and Amboseli plains offering  views of the  landscape. A very popular safari for those willing to spend little bit extra and see the wildlife in a beautiful view. 


Explore Nairobi’s green city in the sun. Just at the doorstep is the Nairobi National park. All animals available in the other national parks in Kenya are in Nairobi National Park, but the elephant is an absentee.

The business traveler on tight schedule has the opportunity of adventure. Various short tours are lined up for them. The Nairobi National Museum, Karen Blixen, Giraffe center, City tour and many more are offered by safari of Africa Adventure travel.

Two hours tour of the city of Nairobi

This tour will take you to City Center, National Museum in Nairobi, Shopping areas, Parliament Buildings, and Snake Park.


Four hours Nairobi National Park           

Nairobi National park is an open park a few miles from the city center.  Here you will find all the wildlife you can find in any other National park in Kenya including the big five, leopard, rhino, lion, and buffalo.  Only elephant is an absentee.

Three hours Traditional dances performed by different tribes – Bomas of Kenya

The traditional dances take 3 hours in the afternoon, Visiting the cultural villages before different tribes perform the dances. There are several Kenyan cultures performed at Bomas of Kenya. Masai culture is one of the famous tribes in Kenya with a vibrant culture. Maasai has not changed his way of dressing and lives in the national parks in Maasai Mara, named after the Maasai.

Safari of Africa Popular Safaris

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rhino nairobi national park
1 day nairobi safari park

Nairobi safaris

Nairobi is a busy city. This is a unique modern city surrounded by wildlife. Just few miles away Nairobi safari Park a resident to all the animals found in Kenya, only elephant is an absentee.

Africa lion Safari

serengeti safaris
serengeti tree climbing lions

Masai mara and serengeti wildebeest great migration is the most thrilling safari of Africa. It is regarded as the most visited safari in Africa.

5 day masai mara and lake nakuru

The wildebeest migration safari and the great rift valley.  The wildebeest move in thousands from masai mara to serengeti and back.  The great rift valley is a home to thousands flamingos and many other species of birds and wildlife.

6 Day masai mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli safari

A combination of the wildebeest migration , the great migration and mount Kilimanjaro is amazing African safari.

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