Tourist visa information to kenya

Luxury safari tents africa

safari of africa luxury tent bed
luxury tent bed safari of africa

The luxury safari of Africa is all about luxury, from the open roof safari land-cruiser to a luxury tented camp in the national park with the luxury designs and relaxation.

affordable Safari Africa

african safari holidays
safari of africa

Standard safaris of Africa is the affordable luxury safari lodges with elegant designs. These safaris are home from away from home relaxation safaris

African budget safaris

african safari holidays
budget safari of africa

The camping safaris of Africa are for every one whole loves nature.  The tents are pinned inside the national park and with all the basics including toilet and bathroom.

Africa Balloon Ride

safari of africa - balloon trip
balloon safari

An exclusive excursion safari over the masai mara, serengeti and Amboseli plains offering  views of the  landscape. A very popular safari for those willing to spend little bit extra and see the wildlife in a beautiful view. 

Welcome to wildebbest migration Safari of Africa


Countries whose Nationals require Referred Visas – Applications are sent to Nairobi for approval

Afghanistan, Armania, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, North Korea, Tadjkistan, Senegal, Somali, Syria,    Jordan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Azerbaijan

Countries whose Nationals do not require a Visa to come to Kenya :

Antigue And Barbuda, Tonga, The Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Tuvalu, Belize,    Uganda, Botswana, Gambia, Brunei, Ghana, Darussalum, Grenada, Cyprus Papua, New    Guinea, Fiji Islands, Samoa, Jamaica, Seychelles, Kiribati, Tanzania, Lesotho, Vanuatu,    Malawi, Zambia, Malaysia( If Less Than 30 Days), Zimbabwe, Maldives, Ethiopia, Mauritus,    Uruguay, Namibia, Turkey, Nauru, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Solomon Islands, St. Lucia, St.    Vincent And The Grenadines, Swaziland, Sa Marino.

Stateless persons not holding valid passports or other travel documents issued by their own country of natianality. This    includes recognised refugees – holders of the united nations refugee travel document.


Nationals of any other country which does not appear above may obtain visa on application either at the mission or any kenya    port of entry subject to fulfilment of the normal requirements. If you apply at the port of entry, you will not need a photograph.

Visa Charges : Multiple entry visa (1 Year) £60, Single entry visa £30, Transit Visa £10, Referral Visa fee (non refundable) £7

For more inforrmation on visas please click on this link . To download the Kenya Visa Form, Click here

Immigration Requirements :
When leaving the country, passengers will be asked to verify the contents of the baggage at the    Customs desk. Export of products made from Elephant, Rhino and Turtle are prohibited.

Passports :
All visitors are required to carry a valid passport. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from date of    travel.

Getting to Kenya:
There are several airlines which fly to Kenya. They are Kenya Airways, KLM, British Airways, Gulf Air, Emirates, Air India and    South African Airways to name a few. The main international airport in Kenya is the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in    Nairobi.

african safari holidays

Popular Safaris

You have not planned your safari
african safari holidays
nairobi safari park

Nairobi safaris

Nairobi is a city that never seems to sleep. This is not a modern city separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it. Just on its doorstep the Nairobi safari Park located less than six miles from the city centre is a visitor’s haven. The park is home to most popular species only the elephant is an absentee. 

Africa lion Safari

serengeti safaris
serengeti tree climbing lions

Masai mara and serengeti wildebeest great migration is the most thrilling safari of Africa. It is regarded as the most visited safari in Africa.

5 day masai mara, lake nakuru

The wildebeest migration safari and the great rift valley.  The wildebeest move in thousands from masai mara to serengeti and back.  The great rift valley is a home to thousands flamingos and many other species of birds and wildlife.

6 Day masai mara, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli

A combination of the wildebeest migration , the great migration and mount Kilimanjaro is amazing African safari.